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Sometimes, you need money right now, and there may not be time to wait. Fortunately, there is a quick-fix solution, and that is a fast payday loan up to $1,000. We will step in and make the process easier on you by matching you up to the right payday lender for your situation.


Filling out the application takes less than 5 minutes, and we have lenders that work with all different kinds of circumstances. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or even no credit, you can still qualify for a payday loan. Lenders will usually give you a loan between $100 and $1,000 with a fee ranging between $15 and $30 for every $100 borrowed, though every city will differ based on state and local laws. The average loan that is made is between $250 and $550 on your first loan.


We want to help you find the right type of loan for your situation. Here are the types of loans we offer and how they differ from one another:

Payday loans:

A payday loan is a short term, quick fix solution for people who need cash now. They are not intended for long term use. They are available to almost anyone who has a job or source of income to pay back the debt , a checking account and identification. Interest fees are usually higher on these loans given that they don’t require a good credit score or a full credit check and are paid back in full within a couple of weeks, usually on your next paycheck hence the name “payday”, though this term can be extended based on the borrower’s situation.

Installment loans:

Installment loans are like payday loans in that they are unsecured loans meaning you don’t need collateral to get the loan. The loan is given on your credit worthiness that is determined without a credit check given to consumers who need cash now. Unlike payday loans, however, a payment plan is set up at the time of the loan to allow for payments to be made to pay back the money rather than paying it all back at once on a due date. Offered in most states.

Cash Advance:

A cash advance is essentially the same as a payday loan in terms of qualifying for it and paying it back at one time in a short period. The main difference is that a borrower is typically required to write a pre-dated check or give authorization for a bank withdrawal on a specified due date as part of the lending process. This due date is typically the same day as the borrower’s payday. This is offered in states that don’t offer payday loans such as Florida.

Short Term:

When it comes to a short term loan, the idea is that you are able to get cash back pretty fast and then are able to pay that back in a short term, typically two weeks or less.  Unlike cash advances, you are not required to pre-date checks or give bank withdrawal authorization, but the cash should be paid back quickly with no extensions or payback plans.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Information

The annual percentage rate for payday loans can range from 551.2% to 998.43%; based on the amount and length of the loan. Yes, this sounds like a very high rate, especially considering that larger loans with longer payback periods have lower interest rates. However, a small, short-term loan can’t really be judged in terms of APR given that it is so small and is paid back so quickly. It will end up being cheaper to pay the $15 or so for borrowing the money when you really need it than paying the fees for being late on a bill or overdrafting your bank account.  Annualized fees for charges like returned check fees, credit card late fees, or a reconnect fee from a utility company can be 1200% or more, so it will really end up saving you money.

Not a lender

NorthStar Advance is not a lender and does not make out the loans provided to consumers. We are here to set you up with the right lender that will work for you and make sure that you are getting the very best service available. We do our best to get you a perfect match from our nationwide list of lenders.

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First I got a high gas bill, and then my car’s brakes went out. All of this in the same week, I needed help! My parents couldn’t help me and the bank didn’t make loans for $500. I chose a payday loan. I gave some information and they loaned me the money I needed.

Charles W.